"Carole brings empathy, high intelligence, and an exceptional sense of touch to the pursuit of healing through massage. I recommend her unequivocally."

~ C. L.

"Carole has a great intuitive touch as to figuring out where the tight and tender areas are and working them out. Combined with a thoughtful and analytical approach to treatment she is an excellent therapist."

~ L. H.

"Loved, loved, loved my massage with Carole today. I definitely want and need these massages in my life routinely."

~ R. M.


Clinic Evaluations

"One of the best massages I've had. I am leaving feeling great, no stress, no pain. Carole found her calling."

"Carole is very intuitive with her work, knowing where to go to certain spots that need extra attention."

"Carole is an excellent therapist. Great flow, variety of strokes, palpation, assessment. Good instincts."

"I didn't allow myself to go to sleep. I didn't want to miss a minute of the very best massage I've ever had. Carole hit every area perfectly."

"One of the best massages ever. Great pressure and nice flow."

"Carole gave a very good massage, spending most of the time on my neck and back as requested. She found and relieved knots that have never before been loosened."

"Felt like all my stress just melted away. Loved it!"

"After helping my daughter move last week, today's massage was a blessing. Carole is professional and skilled in her technique. Bravo."

"Carole hit all my areas where my knots were. Pressure was perfect. Truly relaxed. Merci."

"Carole did a great job. I really liked her foot work (not dancing). I didn't give her much to go on in the beginning and she did a nice job finding my tight spots."

"Probably the best and most relaxing massage I've had here. I feel so much better than when I got here. Thank you very much!"

"I wish I wasn't late. The greatest massage ever. Ever! In all of my 9 years of receiving massage she is by far the BEST!"

"Great massage. One of the best I've had. Pressure was firm and Carole worked the areas that were super tight. Thank you!"


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